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Stem Stim

I'm going to try to type like my youngest daughter speaks-- just chop up the words to save time. 

Today no chemo but my first of 2x/day shots to stim the stems and see the hema/onc. We'll do this several x/day 4 the rest of the week. 

4get it, I can't type like this.

We just returned from a consult with doctor and everything is on schedule. Which is to say, for the next 5 days I get shots twice a day to stimulate my stem cells. That means lots of Grace and Frankie rest and fluids. I am told that the fatigue will begin to fade by tomorrow or the next day and I'll get some energy back. Enough to maybe throw on a mask and take a look around this beautiful city. After that, my anemia kicks in. My doctor tried to describe the kind of fatigue that I can only imagine is the same kind every Mom who is reading this can understand--like maybe that trip down the hallway is a little harder to walk because there are children holding on to your legs. 

We're shooting for next Thursday to be the harvest day. I'm planning to give them 2 million stem cells. That oughtta do it. Maybe one for the pot.

We are on a countdown. Monday was considered day -13, day zero being the day I get my stem cells back. Like I ordered. Mid-April. 

On day +1 I'll begin my descent into deep neutropenia for about 10 days or so. But I'm jumping ahead. 

Plus, this post has turned into a lot of numbers and math.


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