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It's not a competition

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Welp (is that actually a word?) I've gone and done it this time. I can't believe I did it. What's more, I got my sister involved.

I registered us for [and I quote] "an endurance walking experience."

Let me say it the way it really is without the marketing: I signed my sister and I up to walk for 3 days and 50 miles. 50. Miles.

Why? For the National MS Society. I consider doing an NMSS even the supplement to my MS awareness diet. Also, I can talk all I want about MS, but they're researching treatments and cures (not HSCT, mind you, but I'm not going to hold that against them. Yet. Let's give them time to catch up).

Cheryl and I will walk from Hyannis to Eastham and back via Yarmouth, Orleans, Brewster and Dennis. We'll do it in 3 days. We're going to walk for 3 days. I had to write it again because when I look at it in this font it looks little just a less crazy.

I'm actually very excited about doing this. It's keeping me outside after school starts and it's the best way I can think to kick-off the fall (my favorite season).

I have a -thon, of any kind, on my bucket list. I just really didn't think I would ever actually do it because I'm really not a -thon-er. In my adult life, I love kickboxing and swimming, kayaking and hiking. But never for endurance or under pressure. So here I am, training with just 27 days left to the first of 105,000 steps or so.

Since I've started buckling down, I find myself doing things I've not done before. Like putting on two pairs of socks. And saying "Let's have a drink before I rub vaseline on my feet."

Here's the link to my page. Cheryl and I would love your support! Even if that means driving by on the route and throwing water on us. Maybe make the water an occasional coffee? I like mine black, no sugar (it's bad for you).

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