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I'm easy to find in a crowd

I put a picture of my follicle-y challenged head up on my social media page with hashtag #HSCTlooksgoodonme (I have just one social media account, it's the one "for older people" as my niece tells me. I won't reveal which one, but it rhymes with "pace nook" Also, sorry, Mom, I used the "f" from the "f" word). I was feeling good that day. Had some energy. Realized that I need to prepare some of my people for the baldness that is my mug before I just hit 'em with the shiny

It was well received--thank you my friends, my loved ones.

This no-hair-no-make-up-no-care thing is my new thing.

My Stemmie Sissy, Christene
My Stemmie Sissy, Christene

I asked my stemmie sister, Christene, to help me out with a project and collect as many bald, happy, HSCT warrior pics to boost the hashtag. 

We got on our HSCT community forum and asked for my stemmie brothers and sisters to lend us a hand. 

Holy stem cells, batman! We're bald!

By the end of the day (and as the day continues I keep adding!), I was so conditioned to seeing bald heads, that now I get startled looking at people with hair. 

What strikes us all the most is the smiles. You'll find just happy faces. Why? We just went through a hellish (sorry, Mom!) procedure, why are we smiling? 

Because we're beating this thing that we know could take our abilities away any time. 

We're winning. 

Please, take a look at our picture quilt--it's truly a blessing to be fighting with these warriors! Please share this blog with the hashtag and see how many HSCT Warriors are in your life you didn't know about! 

I want to make another special note: HSCT is not just for us MSers. This procedure has been used for decades to fight Hodgkins Disease, Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, multiple myeloma, leukemia, CIDP and other cancers and autoimmune diseases. 

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