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How a stem cell transplant for MS is keeping me on my feet


Who am I?

Well, on the days I am not struggling with cog fog (like today), I am not a forgetful, tired, mostly-bald, but happy (well, I'm happy even with cog fog) wife of 19 years and mother of 2 active girls and HSCT warrior. 

My name is Bridget. 

I live on the south shore of Boston by way of Chicagoland, by way of Philly, by way of Upstate New York (the Catskills Upstate, not Yonkers Upstate), by way of lots of places. I'm just way too tired right now to list them. 

Need to ask me something? Email me at bridget[dot]snell[at]gmail[dot]com. If you don't know why I used brackets, it's because you're a bot, sorry to have to be the one tell you.

You can read about how I was diagnosed and how I came about the decision to have HSCT for MS here.

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